President of the Union: Yukio Ishikawa
(Professor of the University of Tokyo)


Since its foundation in 2010, the Union of Japanese Societies for Insect Sciences has steadily contributed to the promotion of insect sciences in Japan, in close collaboration with the Applied Entomology Committee of the Science Council of Japan (SCJ). Currently, 17 insect science-related academic societies and associations are affiliated to this Union.

As of August 2016, I assumed the presidency of this Union. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce activities planned during the term of my presidency. Our first activity will be organizing a symposium “Recent Advances in Entomology in Japan” on September 25, 2016, which will be held in conjunction with the 25th International Congress of Entomology, Orland, Florida, USA (September 25–30, 2016). This symposium will be a good opportunity to introduce the advancement of entomological sciences in Japan to the world’s leading entomologists.

Our next important activity is to organize annual symposia open to the general public. Topics of the two most recent symposia were “Infectious Diseases Mediated by Pest Insects” and “Invasive Alien Insects: Problems and Countermeasures”. These two symposia were very successful in attracting wide attention of the general public. We will continue to organize a symposium on timely topics to enhance understanding of the general public on insect sciences.

Another important activity of our Union is publication of introductory books intended for the wide public. In 2015, we published a book “Insect Science: Wonder World of Insects” (Tokai University Press, ISBN 4486020359, in Japanese). We are now preparing a new book, which is based on the lectures delivered in the symposium “Infectious Diseases Mediated by Pest Insects”.

Lastly, we will also enhance dissemination of information on our activities through our website. We totally renewed our website in 2015 to enhance its visibility. The quality and quantity of information provided in the website have also been substantially increased. I appreciate your occasional revisits to this website.

I cordially look forward to your continuing participation, advice, and support.